The Bathurst A, H &P has not put the squeeze on Council, nor have we demanded anything. We have always been very appreciative of the support of Bathurst Regional Council and we certainly did not ask for $15,000 worth of funding. This is just a beat-up.

It is unfortunate that the recent Western Advocate article & WIN TV item did not go into any of the supportive detail provided to Council at our recent Community Group Presentation detailing the history of our associations 149 year support of the region. 149 years spent charitably promoting the Agricultural, Horticultural, Pastoral and associated industries of our City and region. A phone call or email of course would have gained some of that background.

Suffice it to say that in the past 10 years the A, H & P, a local charitable community organisation, has

  • Contributed at least $2.9 million directly to the local economy.

This includes

  • Over $400,000 to the upkeep of Bathurst Showground, and

  • At least $2 million on wages & services in Bathurst alone.

This has meant that our Show Council, members & volunteers have put on the biggest AH&P Show in the region every year through the worst 10 years for a century – not to mention the previous 133 Shows. Our Association has directly funded these Shows over the past 10 years covering over $150,000 in losses.

What we did ask for was for some certainty and some help.

Firstly, we sought to formalise and confirm the financial and other support Council already provide for a period of 3 – 5 years so as to give us some certainty of operation. Considering our contribution to our community a good investment really. Obviously Council has also previously thought it a good investment as they have approved all of this before.

Secondly we asked them to assist where possible with the setup for the Show this year because for the first time we can not rely on the assistance provided in the past by the Weekend Detention Program and we thought they may be able to help.

Thirdly that Council would provide their advice to us and work as partners in building & developing our Show and other events to promote our local industry and tourism to Bathurst and the Regions.

At the end of the meeting we were invited to provide a letter outlining all of the ways in which Council could potentially assist us, we were very appreciative of the opportunity and the assistance show by the General Manager in organising the Community Group Presentation and similarly of the Mayor & Councillors for their time and interest.

One of the objectives of our Association is to showcase our region, unashamedly promoting the Central West. We want our neighbours and visitors from far afield to come here and see our Show, stay in our City and enjoy our region. We can’t achieve this without the help of our community and especially our Council.