Bathurst AH&PA is very happy to announce that our imminent 2016 Spring Ball will also benefit the efforts of locals and association members the Townsend's of Bathurst Quarries to raise money for people with down syndrome through their involvement with the Scrap Heap Adventure. The proceeds of our Raffle on the night of the Spring Ball will go towards their fundraising efforts. Bathurst Quarries has also donated up to 12 tons of any of their products (Granite, Sand, Road Base or Decorative landscaping products) to the charity auction on the night.

  • Bathurst Quarries is the largest independent quarry in the Bathurst area, operating only minutes from Bathurst CBD, they supply a selection of construction materials for a variety of needs including sand, Equestrian sand, concrete sand, filtration sand, Roadbase, fill materials, select and decorative granites for pathways and driveways.
  • The Scrap Heap Adventure ride is a unique fundraising event which involves motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country purchasing a bike for no more than $1000.00 and doing It up for an adventure ride through the Aussie Outback, all while raising money for people with down syndrome. The fund raising event has been going on since 2010 and to date has raised $400K for Down Syndrome NSW.
  • The Bathurst Agricultural Horticultural &Pastoral Association is a charitable organisation promoting and educating our region since 1858.